Five Tips for Using the Stylus and the ENO board

1. Use lithium batteries with the pen/stylus. You will see a low battery warning when you are using the stylus.
2. It takes the pen 6-7 seconds to "wake up" after uncapping. Be patient!
3. Be careful of the on/off switch. If you accidentally bump it, the pen turns off. Be aware of how you hold the pen so you will not turn off the pen and have to wait the 6-7 seconds for the pen to "wake up."
4. Use the same USB port for the bluetooth connector each time you use it. Your laptop will be calibrated to one stylus.
5. Do not hold the pen at a 90 degree angle. The camera within the stylus will not be able to read.

ENO Toolbar

You will use this toolbar with the stylus to run your whiteboard.
Source: Polyvision Interactive Whiteboard Installation and Operation Guide

Stylus Lights Explained

Blink every five seconds
Low battery
Three quick pulses repeated three times.
Hardware error, bluetooth connection error, or bluetooth pairing error.
Ready for use
Attempting Bluetooth pairing or connection with your computer.

Basic Troubleshooting

  • Alignment is off. Solution: Re-calibrate your whiteboard.
  • Stylus pen will not work. Solution: If your driver running? Check the Picture_6.pngicon in the menu bar. If it does not have a black border the driver is not running. Check for your application in Applications - PolyVision Driver. One suggestion...add the icon for the driver (resembles the whiteboard) to your dock.
  • Stylus pen will not work. Solution: Cap the pen and then uncap it.
  • Stylus pen will not work. Solution: Check the battery. Try to replace the battery.
Source: Polyvision Interactive Whiteboard Installation and Operation Guide

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Submitting a technology support ticket:

  • For training and lesson development needs select Classroom Integration.
  • For whiteboard hardware and pairing issues as well as the stylus select General Technology.

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